Many people and institutions are owed a deep debt of gratitude for their trust, friendship, moral and fiscal support and much encouragement during the creation of this archive.

From 1980 to 1987, the Chadwick Society made an enormous effort to preserve the history of Alan Chadwick’s work, vision and legacy, by collecting archival materials, transcribing rough drafts of lectures, organizing contact lists, publishing newsletters and keeping apprentices and friends of Alan connected. Richard Baker-roshi, Paul Lee, Virginia Baker, Kathleen Acacia Downs, Wendy Johnson, Fred Marshall, Dennis Tamura, Bernard Eskes, John Jeavons, Page Smith, Richard Wilson, William Cambier, Agaja Enahoro, Skip Kimura, and many others are owed much gratitude and thanks for all of their efforts. This archive would not be all that it is without their efforts. A special note of deepest gratitude goes to Virginia Baker for entrusting this archive project with the Chadwick Society tape library and rich trove of archival materials.

To Adam Johnson of Sound Lab Studios, Asheville, NC: this website wouldn’t be here without you. Deepest appreciation for years of your efforts, professionalism, advice, technical help and support. Thank you.

Much gratitude is extended to all who have helped and continue to help in the arduous task of transcribing the Alan Chadwick lectures, thus making Alan’s message accessible to a world in desperate need of it.

Over 400 people and institutions were contacted in order to gather archival materials, to get permission to display materials, to elicit stories, check history, receive accurate credit/attribution information and to seek funds to create this archive. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Deep appreciation is in order for every person who contributed funds, photos, student notes, and other archival materials. Thank you all.

Special thanks and deepest appreciation goes to Richard Wilson, Virginia Baker, Paul Lee, Richard Senior, Felicity Chadwick-Histed, Jonathan & Katrina Frey, John Jeavons, Dennis Tamura, Fred Marshall, Bernard Taper, Mark Taper, Raymond Chavez, Kathleen Acacia Downs, Linda Maslow, Elisabeth Remak-Honnef, Robert Howard and The Institute For Man & Nature.

Also, deep appreciation and thanks goes to James Ast, Allan Balliett, Beth Benjamin, Margot Bergman, Rod Blackhirst, Erin Bridges, Janet Britt, Dot Brovarney, Martha Brown, Michael Campbell, Dan Crebbin, Robert & John Cunnan, Tom Cuthbertson, Will David, Stephen & Gloria Decater, John de Graaf, Anne Easley, Agaja Enahoro, Gus Evans, David Field, Timothy Fisher, John Fiske, Mark Feedman, Rachel Freudenburg, Robert Gilbert, Bob Gow, Jim Hair, Stephanie V. Holt, Paul Jackson, Bart Johnson, Lawrence Hershman, John Hoskyns-Abrahall, Gregory Hudson, Stephen Kaffka, Keith Keating, Alan Korn, Betsy Lehrfeld, Elizabeth Lennard, Avis Licht, Dan McGuire, Linda J. McKinnis, Teresa Mora, Hilmar Moore, Jim Mulligan, Bob Gow, Jim Nelson, Gregg Novotny, Tom Palley, Betty Peck, James Pewtherer, Warren Pierce, Carolyn Robertson, Kathleen Sheridan, Page & Eloise Smith, Samantha Smith, Steve Stombler, Michael Stusser, Christopher & Stephanie Tebbutt, Eric Thiermann, Jim Turner, Freya von Moltke, Helmuth Caspar von Moltke, David Worden, Alice Warrick, Jacqueline Welch, Sherry Wildfeuer, Al Wilkins and John Wilson.

And most of all, thank you to the soul who gave us all so very much,
Alan Chadwick
27 July 1909 – 25 May, 1980