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  • Quotations

    “We are the living links in a life force that moves and plays around and through us, binding the deepest soils with the farthest stars.” ~ Alan Chadwick “It is not the gardener that makes a garden; rather, it is the garden that makes the gardener.” ~ Alan Chadwick “Filthy, dirty tools and garden implements; […]

  • Charts, Drawings & Graphs

    Alan Chadwick had a unique view of horticulture and life itself. These charts, drawings and graphs have been included to help readers and listeners better understand Alan’s lectures, philosophy and overall approach to horticulture and gardening.   The French intensive-Biodynamic Raised Bed   Soil Courtesy of the Soil & Water Conservation Society Of Iowa. Displayed […]

  • Glossary of Terms

    Alan Chadwick was a professionally trained Shakespearean actor, therefore, it is suggested that his lectures and public talks be taken as theatrical performances meant to excite, uplift, and inspire, to urge and promote the doing of work in the world with a sacred approach to all Life, as well as to inform. He was a […]

  • Alan’s Personal Reference Library

    The following is a bibliography of texts that Alan Chadwick had in his personal library: – A – Afanas’ev, Aleksandr. Russian Folk Tales Albertus, Frater. Alchemist’s Handbook Alden, Raymond M. Why the Chimes Rang Allen, Richard H. Star Names, Their Lore And Meaning Anderson, Edgar. Plants, Man and Life Annigorni, Pietro. Collection of his Works […]

  • Alan’s Garden Influences

    Alan Chadwick was deeply influenced throughout his life by some of the finest gardens in Europe, and by his ever present muse – wild Nature. He spoke often of the days in his youth, spending days and weeks alone within Nature along the wild English Dorset coast. Before entering theater training with Elsie Fogerty in […]

  • Alan’s Favorite Paintings

    A selection of Alan Chadwick’s favorite paintings from various artists and periods All of the paintings displayed herein are in the public domain at the time of their publishing to the website.

  • Garden Tools & Equipment

    Alan Chadwick stated more than a few times, speaking of his garden initiatives and approaches, that, “We are reinstituting – re-instilling – into the use of tools of the art and craft of horticulture and horticultural techniques a much deeper sense of their true significance.” This page gives one a window into some of the […]

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    Acres, USA Archive.org(An excellent resource for digital PDF file, out of print horticultural books.) Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association Dartington Hall (UK) Ecology Action / John Jeavons Emerson College (UK) Felix Gillet Fruit Institute FREYA! (A Documentary Film about Freya von Moltke, Alan’s muse and best friend) Josephine Porter Institute For Applied Biodynamics The Land […]