Archival Audio from Alan Chadwick’s Life, Lectures and Interviews

These recordings were made between 1969 and 1980, non-professionally, with the technology available at the time. Efforts have been made to recover and restore these recordings for the purpose of this archive, however the intelligibility and fidelity varies based on the quality and condition of the original media.

23 Jun, 1969Alan Chadwick Interview by Joe WilliamsonUniversity of California, Santa Cruzucsc
22 Jan, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 1University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
27 Jan, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 2University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
05 Feb, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 3University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
12 Feb, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 4University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
19 Feb, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 5University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
25 Feb, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 6University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
05 Mar, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 7University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
11 Mar, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 8University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
08 Apr, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 9University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
15 Apr, 1972Biodynamics of Horticulture 10University of California, Santa Cruzucsc
02 May, 1972The Vision Of Biodynamics & Organic Gardening; CultivationSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
09 May, 1972Propagation, Cycles, Plant Relationships; Strikes & CuttingsSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
16 May, 1972Fertilization, Plant Relationships & CompostingSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
23 May, 1972The Totality Of The Garden & Garden Layout; Various TopicsSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
01 Oct, 1972The Oasis/Classical ApproachSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
01 Oct, 1972Nightingale/Relationship/DisrelationshipSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
01 Oct, 1972Cultivation/FertilizationSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
01 Oct, 1972Hybrids/CultivatorsSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
01 Oct, 1972Soft Fruit/Herbaceous Borders ISaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
01 Oct, 1972Herbaceous Borders II/ClairvoyeésSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
01 Oct, 1972Protection of Fruit TreesSaratoga Community Garden, CAsaratoga
01 Apr, 1975Everything is Governed by an Invisible Law (1975)San Jose City College, CAsan-jose-city-college
27 Jul, 1975Nature’s Medicine Chest (1975)West Valley College, CAwest-valley-college
11 Sep, 1975Fertility and The Merchant and the Seer (1975)Covelo Village Garden, CAcovelo
12 Sep, 1975Bloom and the Area of Discontinuity (1975)Covelo Village Garden, CAcovelo
17 Sep, 1975Intro to Herbaceous Border/Sage (1975)Covelo Village Garden, CAcovelo
28 Feb, 1977History of Herb Use (1977)Covelo Village Garden, CAcovelo
30 Mar, 1977Irrigation (1977)Covelo Village Garden, CAcovelo
23 May, 1977Energies and Elements (1977)Covelo Village Garden, CAcovelo
25 May, 1977Art (1977)Covelo Village Garden, CAcovelo
18 Nov, 1977Relationship & Dis-relationship (1977)Covelo Village Garden, CAcovelo
01 May, 1978Raised Beds (1978)Saratoga Community Garden, CAcovelo
23 Aug, 1978Fragaria, Tamarisk (1978)Covelo Village Garden, CAcovelo
02 Sep, 1978Fellowship Consecration FestivalCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
12 Dec, 1978Alan Chadwick On Plans For Covelo & Virginia GardensCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
01 Apr, 1979Ley CropsCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
16 Apr, 1979Perennial Herbaceous Border (Satureja)Carmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
17 Apr, 1979Mellisa Officinalis, Annual BorderCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
19 Apr, 1979Melilotus Officianalis/Olives/FigsCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
24 Apr, 1979Achillea/Yarrow/AlliumsCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
25 Apr, 1979Anthemis Nobilis/Rose History/ThistleCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
26 Apr, 1979Sellaria Media/Insect Control/ChestnutCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
27 Apr, 1979Oregano/Marjoram/Storage/ClampingCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
01 May, 1979Tansy / Urtica / Cineraria / Euphrasia / Pteris / BoragoCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
01 Jun, 1979Story of the GazelleCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
02 Aug, 1979Cosmic in Conjunction with Horticulture and LifeCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
08 Aug, 1979BeesCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
03 Sep, 1979Introduction to Biodynamic French Intensive HorticultureCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
04 Sep, 1979The Cosmic, The Four Seasons, CyclesCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
05 Sep, 1979Cosmic ForcesCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
07 Sep, 1979Man, Garden & Nature / Relationships and Dis-relationshipsCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
10 Sep, 1979CultivationCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
11 Sep, 1979FertilizationCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
12 Sep, 1979PropagationCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
13 Sep, 1979FertilityCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
15 Sep, 1979Ritual and FestivaliaCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
17 Sep, 1979The Grand Herbaceous Perennial BorderCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
20 Sep, 1979The Classic Herb GardenCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
21 Sep, 1979The AnemoneCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
24 Sep, 1979Fruit Trees ICarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
03 Oct, 1979Sambucus / Fruit Trees IICarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
05 Oct, 1979Stellaria Media / RaspberryCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
08 Oct, 1979Thymus / StrawberryCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
12 Oct, 1979Angelica / Ribes / RhubusCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
15 Oct, 1979Borago Officinalis / Ley CropsCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
17 Oct, 1979Melissa Officinalis & the PotatoCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
19 Oct, 1979Salvia / AliumsCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
22 Oct, 1979Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) & BeansCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
23 Oct, 1979Ginger/RosesCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
24 Oct, 1979Anthemis Nobilis/StoneworkCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
26 Oct, 1979The King of the Golden RiverCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
29 Oct, 1979Humulus Lupulus (Hops)/Begonia/DelphosCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
30 Oct, 1979Basil/ClampingCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
31 Oct, 1979Hyssop/LivestockCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
01 Nov, 1979Crocus Sativus, Chenopodium & Livestock FodderCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
02 Nov, 1979Rosemary & The BeesCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
06 Nov, 1979Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) & ShrubsCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
07 Nov, 1979Asperula OdorataCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
08 Nov, 1979Eupatorium Cannabinum / Trees & ShrubsCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
09 Nov, 1979Myrica Gale/PapayaCarmel-in-the-Valley, VAcarmel-in-the-valley
11 Feb, 1980Seed: Utmost Ideé and Least Metamorphosis (1980)Green Gulch Farm, CAgreen-gulch
02 Mar, 1980Voice, Meme and Deportment (1980)Green Gulch Farm, CAgreen-gulch
19 May, 1980Energy, Color, Four Seasons, Obedience, Herbs (1980)Green Gulch Farm, CAgreen-gulch

Hundreds of hours of audio has been digitized and is awaiting upload to the site, so check back often!  If you have corrections or additions, please feel free to send us a message!