Alan eventually changed his view of how John Jeavons was working with his (Alan’s) approach to horticulture. Bernard Taper was instrumental in this change, showing Alan Ecology Action’s 1978 Ed. of ‘How To Grow More Vegetables’, with much discussion. In the summer of 1979, Alan discussed his newly revised view of the work of John Jeavons. [See our VIDEOS page, GARDEN SONG OUTTAKE #5, at (8:20)].

Archive ID: CA1222
Type: Audio
Title: Conversations with Bernard Taper #4
Date: 10 Mar 1978
Location: Sonoma, CA
Topics: The Sun & The Cosmic. Sacrament vs. Utility. Nature Gives Life and Our Energy. Ants. Vision and Practicality. Technique. Obedience. Ritual. The Arts That Come Out Of The Garden. Alan’s Family