The following is a bibliography of texts that Alan Chadwick had in his personal library:

– A –

  • Afanas’ev, Aleksandr. Russian Folk Tales
  • Albertus, Frater. Alchemist’s Handbook
  • Alden, Raymond M. Why the Chimes Rang
  • Allen, Richard H. Star Names, Their Lore And Meaning
  • Anderson, Edgar. Plants, Man and Life
  • Annigorni, Pietro. Collection of his Works
  • Audubon, John James. The Birds of America
  • Augustine, Shakespeare, Goethe, Mozart, Newman. Springs of Joy

– B –

  • Bhagavad Gita—The Song of God
  • Bailey, L.H. Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture (6 Vols.)
  • Bailey, L.H. The Pruning Manual
  • Bailey, L. H. The Forcing Book
  • Baldensperger, Par Fernand. Les Sonnets de Shakespeare
  • Bateson, Gregory. Mind and Nature
  • Bauer, John. Great Swedish Fairy Tales
  • Bean, W. J. Trees & Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles (2 Vols. UK)
  • Berrall, Julia B. The Garden; An Illustrated History
  • Blakie, Margery G. The Patient, Not the Cure (Homeopathy)
  • Blakney, Raymond B. (trans.). Meister Eckhart
  • Bowles, E. A. My Garden In Spring (UK)
  • Bowles, E. A. My Garden In Summer (UK)
  • Bowles, E. A. My Garden In Autumn And Winter (UK)
  • Brion, Marcel. Vermeer
  • Brownlow, Margaret E. . Herbs and the Fragrant Garden
  • Buckle, Richard. Nijinsky
  • Bulfinch, Thomas. Age Of The Fable
  • Bulfinch, Thomas. Bulfinch’s Mythology (Age of the Fable, Age of Chivalry, Legends of Charlemagne)

– C –

  • Card, F. W. The Bush Fruits
  • Celhay, Jean-Claude. Plants and Flowers of Tahiti
  • Chamberlain, Samuel. Bouquet de France
  • Chesterton, G.K. Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Christopher, Dr. John. School of Natural Healing
  • Churchward, James. The Cosmic Forces of Mu
  • Coats, Peter. Great Gardens of the Western World
  • Coats, Peter. Great Gardens of Britain
  • Copernicus, Nicolaus. De Revolutionibus orbium coelestium
  • Collier Publications. Junior Classics
  • Cott, Jonathan (ed.). Beyond the Looking Glass
  • Culpeper, Nicholas. The English Physician; A Complete Herbal
  • Cuthbertson, Tom. Enchanted Garden: Alan Chadwick’s Organic Method of Gardening
  • Country Life:
    • Italian Number
    • Irish Number
    • To be a Farmer’s Girl
    • Game Fair Number

– D –

  • Dante (Durante degli Alighieri). Divine Comedy; Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso
  • de Bairacli Levy, Juliette. Common Herbs for Natural Health
  • de Bairacli Levy, Juliette. Herbal Handbook For Farm & Stable
  • Degh, Linda. Folktales of Hungary
  • de Lille, Alain of [Alanus de Insulis]. The Complaint of Nature
  • Detmold, Edward J. [illustrator]. Fabre’s Book of Insects
  • Dioscorides. Greek Herbal
  • Druon, Maurice. Tistou; The Boy With Green Thumbs
  • Durrell, Lawrence. The Plant-Magic Man

– E –

– F –

  • Fabre, J. Henri. Book of Insects
  • Fabre, J. Henri. Book of Mason Bees
  • Fabre, J. Henri. The Life of the Spider
  • Fabre, J. Henri. The Sacred Beetle and Others
  • Fagan, Cyril. Astrological Origins
  • File Folder of Loose Bird Illustrations and Descriptions
  • Fletcher, H. L. V. Herbs
  • Florence and its Surroundings (pamphlet)

– G –

  • Gauquelin, Michel. The Cosmic Clocks
  • Germain, Gabriel. Homer
  • George, Llewellyn. A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator
  • Geuter, Marie. Herbs in Nutrition (Source for Alan’s Rosmarinus & Lavandula tale)
  • Gibran, Kahlil. Excerpts from The Prophet: (by students of the Covelo Garden Project)
  • Goethe, J. W. The Tale of Fair Lily and the Green Serpent
  • Goethe, J. W. Fifteen Letters
  • Goethe, J. W. Metamorphosis of Plants
  • Gombrich, E.H. The Story of Art
  • Gordon, Jean. Immortal Roses
  • Grahame, Kenneth. The Wind in the Willows
  • Grieve, M. A Modern Herbal (2 Vols. Dover)
  • Grosset and Dunlap Publication. (3 art books)
    1. Piero Della Francesca
    2. Caravaggio
    3. Dürer

– H –

  • Hadfield, Miles. The English Landscape Garden
  • Hadas, Moses. Greek Drama
  • Hall, Manly P.  Initiates Of The Flame
  • Hall, Manly P. The Mystical and Medical Philosophy of Paracelsus
  • Hall, Manly P. The Secret Teachings Of All The Ages
  • Hall, Marie Boas (ed.). Nature and Nature’s Laws
  • Hamilton, Edith. Mythology
  • Harrison, Jane and Mirrlees, Hope. The Book of the Bear
  • Hashell, A. L. The Ballet Annual
  • Hatton, Richard. Handbook of Plant and Floral Ornament
  • Hillier’s Manual of Trees and Shrubs
  • Hills, Lawrence D. Comfrey
  • Hodges, Margaret. Baldur and the Mistletoe
  • Holden, Edith. The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
  • Homesworthe, Leonard. Shakespeare’s Garden (Ref. To Over 100 Plants)
  • Hutchins, Alma R. Indian Herbology of North America
  • Hyams, Edward. The English Garden

– I –

– J –

  • Jacobs, Joseph. English Fairy Tales
  • Janson, H. W. The History of Art
  • Journal of the Soil Association (pamphlet). Mother Earth

– K –

  • Kerr, Jessica. Shakespeare’s Flowers
  • Kipling, Rudyard.  The Jungle Book
  • Kitto, H. D. F. The Greeks
  • Kloss, Jethro. Back to Eden
  • Knackfuss, Hermann. Rembrandt
  • Kochno, Boris. Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes

– L –

  • Lang, Andrew. Myth Ritual & Religion (2 Vols.)
  • Lang, Andrew (ed.).
  • The Violet Fairy Book
  • The Crimson Fairy Book
  • The Lilac Fairy Book
  • The Olive Fairy Book
  • The Green Fairy Book
  • The Blue Fairy Book
  • The Grey Fairy Book
  • The Pink Fairy Book
  • The Yellow Fairy Book
  • The Orange Fairy Book
  • The Red Fairy Book
  • The Brown Fairy Book
  • Lucas, Richard. Nature’s Medicines; Common and Uncommon Uses of Herbs for Healthful Living
  • Lorette, Louis. The Lorette System of Pruning
  • Lorca, Federico. The Selected Poems of Federico Garcia Lorca
  • Lucas, Richard. Nature’s Medicines; Common and Uncommon Uses of Herbs for Healthful Living
  • Lust, John. The Herb Book

– M –

  • Maeterlinck, Maurice. Hours of Gladness
  • Maeterlinck, Maurice. Maeterlinck’s Essays
  • Maeterlinck, Maurice. The Life of the Ant
  • Maeterlinck, Maurice. The Life of the Bee
  • Maeterlinck, Maurice. The Life of the White Ant
  • Maeterlinck, Maurice. The Plays of Maurice Maeterlinck
  • Maeterlinck, Maurice. Wisdom and Destiny
  • MacDonald, George. Phantasies and Lilith
  • MacDonald, George. Far Above Rubies
  • MacDonald, George. The Flight Of The Shadow
  • MacDonald, George. The Golden Key
  • MacDonald, George. The Light Princess
  • MacDonald, George. Princess And The Goblin
  • MacDonald, George. Saint George & Saint Michael
  • MacManus, Seumas. Donegal Fairy Stories
  • Magoun, F. P. and Krappe, A. H. (trans.). Grimm’s German Fairy Tales
  • Maps, Almanacs, Organic Gardening Magazines (in small box)
  • Martin, W. Keble. The Concise British Flora in Color
  • McClure, F.A. The Bamboos
  • Meech, W.W. Quince Culture
  • Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich. The Romance of Leonardo DaVinci
  • Messegue, Maurice.  Of Men And Plants
  • Meyer, Joseph. The Herbalist
  • Millspaugh, Charles. American Medicinal Plants
  • MM Vilmorin-Andrieux. The Vegetable Garden
  • Morey, William. Outlines of Greek History
  • Morley, Brian and Barbara Everard. Wild Flowers of the World
  • Murray, Peter and Linda. Art of the Renaissance

– N –

  • The National Gallery of British Art Illustrated Catalogue
  • Nevius, Albert. The Story of Pope John XXIII
  • Neuman, Erich. Amor and Psyche
  • Northcote, Lady Rosalind. The Book Of Herbs (UK)
  • Nouvel, Walter and Arnold Haskell. Diaghileff: His Artistic and Private Life

– O –

– P –

  • Padua. Touristic Itineraries (pamphlet)
  • Peterson, Roger T. A Field Guide to Western Birds
  • Peterson, Roger T. Manila folder of bird pictures
  • Petulengro, Leon. Herbs and Astrology
  • Pick, John (ed.). A Hopkins Reader (Poet Gerard Manley Hopkins)
  • Pietro, Annigoni. A Retrospective Exhibition
  • Pizzetti and Cocker. Flowers, A Guide for Your Garden (2 Vols.)
  • Pliny. Natural History—series of 10 books includes books I-XXXVII
  • Pliny. Natural History III, Books VIII-XI
  • Pocket Library of Great Art: (11 small books)
    1. Michelangelo
    2. Botticelli
    3. El Greco
    4. Renoir
    5. Masaccio
    6. Raphael
    7. Courbet
    8. Corot
    9. van Eyck
    10. Rembrandt
    11. Leonardo da Vinci
  • Ponce, Charles. The Games of Wizards
  • Pratt, Anne. Flowering Plants, Grasses & Ferns of Great Britain (6 Vols.)
  • Pratt, Anne. Wildflowers (2 vols. U. K.)
  • Ptolemy. Tetrabiblos

– Q –

  • Quigley, Joan. Astrology for Adults

– R –

  • Rilke, M. Rainer. Possibility of Being
  • Rilke, M. Rainer. Selected Poems
  • Rhode, Eleanour Sinclair. A Garden Of Herbs
  • Rhode, Eleanour Sinclair. The Old English Herbals
  • Robinson, William. The English Flower Garden
  • Robinson, William. Hardy Flowers
  • Robinson, William. The Wild Garden
  • Roeder, Ralph. The Man of the Renaissance
  • Roget’s College Thesaurus
  • Rosenberg, Adolf. Leonardo da Vinci
  • Rosenstock-Huessy, Eugen. I Am an Impure Thinker
  • Royal Horticultural Society. Surplus Seeds for Distribution (pamphlet)
  • Ruskin, John. King Of The Golden River

– S –

  • Salisbury, E. J. The Living Garden
  • Sanderson, Ivan. The Continent We Live On
  • Sartoris, Alberto and Piero Della Francesca. The Arezzo Frescoes
  • Shakespeare, William. Macbeth
  • Singleton, Esther. The Shakespeare Garden
  • Sowerby, John. English Botany Illustrated Flora (12 Vols. & Index UK)
  • Sowerby, John & Johnson, C. P. British Wildflowers
  • Steffen, Albert. Pilgrimage to the Tree of Life
  • Steiner, Rudolph. Agriculture Lectures
  • Steiner, Rudolph. Cosmic Memory
  • Steiner, Rudolph. Cosmology, Religion & Philosophy
  • Steiner, Rudolph. Eleven European Mystics
  • Steiner, Rudolph. Goethe the Scientist
  • Steiner, Rudolph. How To Create, Tell & Recall A Story
  • Steiner, Rudolph. Outline Of Esoteric Science
  • Steiner, Rudolph. Nine Lectures On Bees
  • Steiner, Rudolph. The Four Seasons and the Archangels
  • Steiner, Rudolph. Spirit in the Realm of Plants
  • Stevenson, Robert Louis. Fables
  • Stephenson, W. A. Seaweeds in Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Strabo, Walahfeid. Hortulus
  • Sutton and Sons. Culture of Vegetables and Flowers (UK)
  • Squire, Charles. Celtic Myth and Legend Poetry & Romance

– T –

  • Taylor, Warren and Donald Hall. Poetry in English
  • Taylor, H.V. The Apples of England
  • The Masters Series 14 books
    1. Dosso Dossi
    2. Rembrandt
    3. La Tour
    4. Guercino
    5. Redon
    6. Caravaggio
    7. Caravaggio
    8. Veneziano
    9. Andrea del Sarto
    10. Michaelangelo
    11. Vermeer
    12. Van Eyck
    13. Titian
    14. Bellini
  • Thomas, Graham Stuart. Perennial Garden Plants (UK)
  • Thomas, Graham Stuart. Rose Book (UK)
  • Thoreau, Henry D. Walden—Essay on Civil Disobedience
  • Thorndike, Lynn. The Herbal of Rufinus
  • Thornley, George (translator). Daphnis and Chloe

– U –

  • Urancellor, Philip.
    • The Violet Fairy Book
    • The Crimson Fairy Book
    • The Lilac Fairy Book
    • The Olive Fairy Book
    • The Green Fairy Book
    • The Blue Fairy Book
    • The Grey Fairy Book
    • The Pink Fairy Book
    • The Yellow Fairy Book
    • The Orange Fairy Book
    • The Red Fairy Book
    • The Brown Fairy Book

– V –

  • Veninga, Louise and Zaricor, Benjamin. Goldenseal/Etc: A Pharmacognosy of Wild Herbs
  • Virgil. Bucolics and Georgics (T. L. Papillon and A. E. Haigh, Oxford 1891)
  • Voltaire. Candide
  • Von Frisch, Karl. The Dance Language and Orientation of Bees

– W –

  • Waite, Arthur E. (ed.). The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus
  • Wasserman, Jack. Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Weathers, John. Bulb Book
  • Weathers, John. French Market Gardening
  • Weeks, Nora and Bullen, Victor. The Bach Flower Remedies
  • Wickson, E. J. California Fruits and How to Grow Them
  • Wickson, E. J. California Vegetables
  • Wiggin, K. D. and Nora Smith (eds.). The Arabian Nights
  • Wilde, Oscar. The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde
  • Wolferen, Karel van. Van Eyck to Brueghel
  • Woolley, R. V. Giffard. Herbaceous Borders (UK)
  • Wright. Glass Houses and Pot Plants
  • Wright, Walter P. The Flower Garden I, II, III (3 Vols.)
  • Wright, Walter P. Hardy Perennials & Herbaceous Borders
  • Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass

– X –

  • Xenophon. (Ed. With Commentary by Leo Strauss). Xenophon’s Socratic Discourse, Oeconomicus

– Y –

  • Yourcenar, Marguerite. Memoirs of Hadrian

– Z –